織衣草安 Orii Souan


My paintings are a trigger. They are a trigger to unleash your emotions and imagination. All of my skills in painting and all of my choices are just for that. What and how much you can imagine from viewing my paintings is changed only by your imagination. For some people, my paintings are garbage, for others, it is like a holy sword. I hope my paintings will continue to be viewed by children far into the future.



好きなもの:心霊 オカルト 怪談 自然 動物 木造家屋 着物 インドア 本質 本物 真実 猫 梟 少人数 別冊太陽 不撓不屈 仏像寺社仏閣 インドカレー 納豆 日本

Japanese Shunga Painter

Born in Nara, Japan.
Graduated Ritsumeikan University.

Likes: Ghosts and Zombies / Nature / Animals / Wooden Houses / Traditional Japanese Clothes / Indoor / Essence / Authenticity / True / Cat / Owl / A few people / Perseverance / Temples & Shrines / Indian curry / Natto / Japan



いにしへよりいうきうをへてはぐくまれたるでんとうのいろをつぎあたらしきいのちあたへたしとぞいひけりあだなるいろかれのものにあらず わざふかきゑしたくみにきわめられしうきよゑまたそのわざむねとめでそのこころつぐべくこころをたちてゑがく

ひとさましらざるうちはいなひとにみゆるもみざまとこころねちがふはよのつねなりて かれもしかなりげにはぼくとつなるひとなり おくまりてめたたしきをさくさがながらこころのうちにゆるがざるせいぎまたたけきじやうねつしむるひとなり よすぎにさかしきものよりぶこつでむくなるものあいしいさかひこのまずすこしのものとのかたらひたのしむひとなり

せいだくあるはひとのつねなることわきまふるもいつはりふたごころあざときたばかりいみてにくむ もののぢたいしんずいをみただあたひたかきものよりずいいちをもとむれきしにかもされみがかれしものふかくあいす いにしへよりのかんせいだうとくくわんねんとりわきかなのうつくしきをいまにつぎてのちにわたしたしといひたりけりたとへばこふうたうふうへだてずひとつのことばにしてみんと

かれはもりべのひとなりきたなきもののあくいよりうつくしきをまもるひとなりきたなきことばはなたずきよきのことだましりたる じすいこのみてのむうつかふせでしぜんとどうぶつをあいするせいぎのひとなりいへゐこのむるげーまーなりかのなをおりいさうあんとぞいふ






He was a person who genuinely respects anything authentic and loves the pure and traditional values of the Japanese culture. He loves to gaze upon the natural and serene beauty of the Japanese landscape while living simply in a rural town in Nara.

He always talks about wanting to succeed the traditional Japanese beauty that had been built by our predecessors. He wanted to revitalize that traditional beauty of the past and bring it into the present era in the hope that future generations might share in his admiration. For him, temporary values are meaningless.

Japanese woodblock prints of Ukiyoe and Shunga were popular in the Edo, Meiji and Taisho eras. However with time, their popularity began to fade, and with it, so did the craftsmanship and passion that went into each creation. He could not stand by and let such a tragedy happen. He loves and admires the craftsmanship and passion of both artists and craftsmen. This includes not only the famous Ukiyoe artists, but all the unnamed craftsman who were also involved but never properly recognized for their work. To show his respect and admiration for them, he had begun to create his own paintings.

People see him weird while they don’t know him well. What appearances and hearts are quite different is the way of the world. He is so. In fact, he is simple and unaffected. He is bad at being conspicuous and he is diffident. But he has an unbreakable justice and passion in his heart.

He likes a person more who has an unsophisticated and pure character, than a person who is good at worldly wisdom, don’t like a dispute and a quarrel and enjoy a time with a few people.

In knowing what a taking the bad with the good is just a human’s behavior, he hates a lie, a duplicity and cunning plans. He is a person who always tries to see the essence. He wants genuine articles, not high prices, and loves values that were polished in a long time in Japanese history. He had told me that he wants to protect an unique beauty sence, an unique moral sense from old times of Japan and especially a beauty of Kana letters, and hand them to the next generation.

He is a guardian, he is a person who guards beauties from malicious people. He doesn’t say any negative words, he knows effects and results by using positive words.

He is a hardcore gamer who likes to stay home. He likes to do his own cooking, doesn’t do daily drinking, gambling and whoring. He is a person who loves nature and animals. His name is Orii Souan.

Budeko Taniguchi

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